Shh, It’s Barack Obama’s First Boyfriend He


Sst, Ini Dia Pacar Pertama Barack Obama
Let’s hope Michelle Obama is not jealous reading this news. This is the woman who was mentioned to be the first girlfriend of U.S. President Barack Obama. His name, AlexMcNear. This was disclosed first by the MailOnline website.

Unfortunately, when contacted McNear reluctant to respond to interview requests. ” I will not give any statements. I’ve been interviewed about it, that’s enough. No more can I say,” he said.

This woman was mentioned to be the closest first time Obama attended OccidentalCollege, California, USA. Both involved a close relationship during the summer at theage of 20 years. When it is about the year 1981. Obama transferred to Columbia to finish his education.

Now this McNear is the mother of a child who has his own company and lives in a mansion worth two million dollars in New York. He is also a Democrat, and was mentioned also voted for Obama in the 2008 election.

Hmm, my first love is never dead.


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