Profit Up 95 Percent Muamalat.

Monday, October 31, 2011 13:28 pm
Laba Bank Muamalat Naik 95 Persen
JAKARTA – Bank Muamalat profit rose significantly by September 2011 with profit before tax of Rp 270 billion. Profit rose to 95 percent over the same period last year (year on year / yoy). Muamalat earnings as of September 2010 reached Rp 138 billion.

Director of Retail Bank Muamalat, Andrian A Gunadi, revealing contribution to retail deposits have been closer to 70 percent or equivalent to Rp 14 trillion. -E savings products contribute significant share in the deposits up to Rp 500 billion since its launch. “Next year, the product will be a hero,” he said.

Targeted until the end of the year, deposits of Share-e can be increased to Rp 200 billion. With that growth, deposits are expected to increase again to $ 2 trillion. Accretion deposits can raise financing targeted Rp 1 trillion.

Still dominate the retail sector from a financial perspective. Bank Muamalat has channeled around Rp 20 trillion as of September 2011. Compared to 2010, funding rose 55 percent from the previous 13 trillion. Financing dominated the retail sector which amounted to Rp 13 trillion, while the rest is channeled into commercial and corporate.

Andrian said the financial sector began to grow comes from the consumer sector. Islamic finance from the consumer sector to grow 40-50 percent with a value of approximately USD 6.3 trillion.


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