Haniya: Solidarity Action Strategy Best Free Palestine.

Friday, November 4, 2011 22:02 pm

Haniya: Aksi Solidaritas Strategi Terbaik Bebaskan Palestina

Ismail Haniya
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, GAZA – Palestinian PM Ismail Haniya said the action of solidarity is the best strategy to liberate Palestine and their rights.

As he spoke after Friday prayers at Masjid Al-Syati Kingdom, Haniya insisted Israel will never willingly abandon a single inch of Palestine despite anything. To that end, the action of solidarity will help the Palestinians to gain their rights.

“I think the blockade on Gaza must be ended with the solidarity of the nations of the world who support the Palestinians,” said Haniya told volunteers Miles of Smiles who had just arrived in Gaza, as quoted infopalestina.com, Friday (4 / 11) .

“We appreciate you guys coming here. This is Palestine, the history he remained one and united to the people, “said Haniya.

PM Haniya also welcomes volunteers from the Turkish ship and condemned Israel’s actions against the piracy. He also asked the world to act firmly against Israel. “Currently, we are blockading Israel and the other occupiers,” said Haniya.

Meanwhile, a convoy coordinator Miles of Smiles, Isham Joseph, asserted that aid convoys will continue to penetrate and relieve the blockade of the Gaza Strip and expel Israel from Palestine.

“We came to tell the world, no one can hinder us to arrive at our family. Palestinians will not give up. Because the blockade is not immoral but illegal acts and inhumane. We will beat with the permission of Allah, “said Yusuf.


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