Goodbye GMT

Thursday, November 3, 2011 13:59 pm
Selamat tinggal GMT
LONDON – What is the standard time throughout the world? the answer must all know, GMT or Greenwich Mean Time. Well, today’s leading scientists from around the world are considering proposals to change the GMT as the world time standard. Scientists are now being assembled in the UK, and looking for a replacement solution. One proposal that is the standard turnaround time is no longer based on the Earth, but an atomic clock.

The plan, after the solution is found, in January 2012, the International Telecommunication Union will hold a meeting in Geneva in order to determine the timing of the new system. Meeting of this ilmuwam, taking place in a village in northwest London, under the umbrella of the Royal Society. The meeting took place starting today and tomorrow.

But reportedly, the majority of British people strongly condemned the meeting. Especially the British people know their eternal enemies, the French, who led the effort to shift GMT.
“We know the British people will feel the loss GMT,” said Elias Felicitas Arias, Director of the Department of Time International Bureau of Weights and Measurements (BIPM) is based in France and drivers of change in standards at that time.

Determination is based on the GMT time when the sun’s journey through the zero degree meridian line at Greenwich Observatory in southeast London. GMT became the standard time set in the world after a conference in Washington, United States, in 1884. At this same conference, Paris France lobbied determination Mean Time as the standard world time.

Then in 1972 intoduced term Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to replace GMT, but the measurement equipment based on GMT.
UTC is based on about 400 atomic clocks located in several laboratories around the world but was later corrected to “leap second” that will adjust to the speed of rotation of the Earth’s changing.

However, small variations between the Earth’s velocity and speed of the atom becomes a problem for GPS (global positioning system) and mobile phone networks that make the modern world depends.
Possible displacement GMT standards that attracted the attention of British media, that simultaneously there are also proposals to permanently shift the standard time to be British Summer Time (BST) is one hour ahead of GMT.

Sunday Times newspaper mentions GMT is a symbol of Britain’s role as a superpower in the reign of Queen Victoria. But with a reduced role, GMT themselves may not be used again. British Science Minister David Willets opposed the plan, saying that the PM is not just a scientific measurement.
“I see there is an element of nationalism behind this issue. Without a” leap second “we will deviate from the actual rotation of the Earth. It could be middle of the night occurred during the day,” said Willets said.

Ironically China is also opposed to changing the time standard because they want to maintain the astronomers measured time based on the rotation of the Earth.


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