American students Enchanted Fabrics Ihram and the Prophet’s Mosque

Saturday, October 29, 2011 17:13 pm

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Danish Vaiyani, an American student fascinated with ihram cloth. This outfit consists of two pieces of white cloth worn by all people during the Hajj. One sheet tied around the waist, and the other is wrapped around the shoulders. A belt was placed around the waist for the sake of ‘security’.

Ihram, he said, making all Muslims, rich and poor look the same. “Ihram can eliminate what is often a measure of one’s wealth,” his impression.

Equality is thought as a picture of the Judgement Day. On that day, all the rich and the poor will look the same. When I was in a state of ihram, many things are forbidden. “For example, forbidden to cut the nails and hair. We are forced to respect the body during the first three days of Hajj. The bottom line is that if we can do that for three days, we certainly can do it for the rest of our lives,” he said.

According to him, it teaches self-control. “That our bodies, is not entirely ours. It is but a small Part of the change of life is taught during the pilgrimage,” he said, as recounted on a news site Suhanallah!


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